Paparazzo neighbor? I think not!

July 17, 2013  •  7 Comments

Someone very dear recently referred to me, in a somewhat goading fashion, as "the paparazzo neighbor". Of course I was deeply offended! The term has such a negative connotation. Note the definition below. 

Paparazzo-a freelance photographer, especially one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.

I am not a "freelance"  photographer and I believe I have never seen a celebrity in the flesh! I would hardly call my blog a publication! I am a photographer and my camera is usually swinging from my neck (as the numerous lumps on my granddaughter's head will attest), but there the similarity ends!

On June 8th, 2013 there happened to be an outdoor wedding in our neighborhood. It was only natural that my swinging lens should focus on a few scenes from this event. It took place four doors up from us on one of the few glorious days we've had since the snow melted.

The wedding party gathered on a pier down the shore from us and were ferried to a pier on the other side of us. The bride arrived in a sleek looking speed boat. How romantic! My granddaughter Charlotte and I traipsed up and down our shoreline, and a little beyond, watching with delight. 

The groom had gone around the neighborhood a few days earlier to let everyone know about wedding traffic concerns. He was handsome and sweet. I have not yet learned his name, but I will share a few photographs from one of the most important days of his life.

Charlotte and I first noticed some fancy red pants containing a performer of some sort. He was definitely not camera shy! (I wish I knew his name, too. He should see this.)

neighbor wedding-1              Soon after Mr. Red Pants disappeared other lovely clothes began to parade by.

neighbor wedding-2 neighbor wedding-3

neighbor wedding-4 As the parade of beautiful clothes slowed down, Charlotte and I went around back to the pier next door to watch the event unfold.neighbor wedding-6

The wedding party passed directly in front of us on their way to the designated pier.neighbor wedding-8 There was a bit of an audience on the lake as well as on shore...we shall call them 'gawker boats'.

neighbor wedding-9

The water was calm and peaceful - perfect! neighbor wedding-11 Okay! Now right here, look at the image below. Very disappointing! Not one wandering ring bearer, excited little flower girl or over-zealous groomsman landed in the drink. The entertainment value for the 'gawker boats' was severely limited. 

neighbor wedding-12  See the photographer in the upper left? Instead of people plunging off the pier, she is getting pretty shots of perfectly behaved, adorable children, calmly walking to their places.neighbor wedding-15 neighbor wedding-16 Here comes the bride! All this while the red pants dude was singing. It was fantastic. We could hear him!

neighbor wedding-19 neighbor wedding-22 neighbor wedding-24 Perfectly poised and beautiful.

neighbor wedding-26

The preacher preached, and just like that the ceremony was over! (Spot the red knee at left!)neighbor wedding-30

So Charlotte and I headed around to the front of the house to see what there was to see. Fancy clothes were heading back the other way. Charlotte was pretty fancy herself. She still had on her nice dress having just returned from a baby shower earlier in the day.neighbor wedding-32

This charming young man, impressed by Charlotte's wheels, stopped by for a chat.neighbor wedding-33 Limos, drivers, photographers, red pants performer, groomsmen, bride, all at the end of our driveway! Sweet!

neighbor wedding-37 We were treated to this amazing smile from the beautiful bride! Paparazzo Neighbor indeed! We are simply friendly neighbors. Someday I might know the bride's name. Could she look any happier?

neighbor wedding-39
neighbor wedding-42 neighbor wedding-43 Stretch limo and driver.

neighbor wedding-44 The red pants performer in his mostly red car. Still loving the camera! I wish I knew his name.

neighbor wedding-45 neighbor wedding-47 After a while all the excitement disappeared down the street...I think I will bring my new neighbors a pie and find out their names!


Mary Carlson(non-registered)
This photo essay was so delightful. I got to experience the event with you and Charlotte. I have always loved photo essays and mourn the departure of them from publications. You did a splendid job of conveying the story. What a wonderful gift you gave your newly wedded neighbors.
The Mr And Mrs Minor(non-registered)
Wow. This was great! Who knew the doorbell ringing last night at 7:30 would bring such joy and warmth to our hearts. And the pie was fantastic! This was the greatest surprise. Thanks to you and lil Charolette for these candid photos and playful story. And Mr. Red pants is the oh so talentedr Mr. Lucas Cates from The Lucas Cates Band here in Madison.
Jackie & Justin
This just great! Any wedding would be lucky to have you shooting pictures from the side. And lucky you, great subjects, a happy event, many smiles and no stress for you! Really what could be better! So - as an aside, I am listening to Rampal play the flute this morning and was thinking of you, and the summer you taught me to blow on the headpiece!!!
Susan Faultersack(non-registered)
Fun post!
Anita Klumpers(non-registered)
Everything about this is delightful- the delight overlaps. The weather, the wedding, the friendly people, the fantastic photos, the fun comments you made, Mr. Red Pants and his mostly red car :) and Charlotte meeting the little man. You don't post near often enough but when you do, it was worth waiting for!
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